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Arts And Crafts Tour In The Philippines


The island country of Philippines is a Southeast Asian country composed of over 7,107 different islands in the Pacific Ocean .It is famous  for its cultural mosaic with a mixture of modern field and old tribal communities, as well as various Asian and Spanish influences within the Filipino society.

Other country has their own share of Arts and Crafts, an individualistic ways and so does Philippines. Every pieces of art or craft produced bears the identity of the country and makes fine examples of the artistic and creative faculties of the people.


The profession of excelling and  illustration of  crafts and art work comes from within and  require some technical knowledge along with a sound knowledge of the country’s history and years of  work, dedication, practice  is the outcome of the hard work and love for the art on the part of the artisans.


Through its artistic pieces and crafts, is ideal for all tourists who want to view some of the gorgeous ethnic designs and collections of the Philippines handicrafts industry as well as to treasure them as souvenirs and they can learn more about the country and unique elements of the Filipino culture.



  1. AnonymousJune 23, 2011

    After reading your post,it makes me more interested to know more about the arts and crafts in the Philippines.I am an Architect and Interior Designer from prestigious company and maybe I will use these kinds of products and materials in the future for my projects.Thank you for the information about these arts and crafts in the Philippines. - John from Australia , D2jo Architectural and Interior designer.

  2. Its good look like seem my country sister . thank sis i like it :)


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