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Fashion Guru’s Make a Stand: The Women’s March Aftermath

The Women’s March held last January 21, 2017 would seem to be the largest organized event that drew a crowd in Washington, D.C., rivalling next to the anti-Vietnam protest (approximately 600,000 in attendance) of 1969. According to Homeland Security, more than 500,000 took to the streets of Washington. There were also similar events which happened simultaneously in other parts of the US (Chicago about 250,000; New York 100,000; with almost the same number in Dallas, Denver, St. Louis, Utah, Boston Common and Los Angeles). Hundreds (or even thousands) also marched in other parts of the globe to show their support for their “sisters” in Washington --- UK, Germany, Japan, France, Kenya, London, Paris, Prague, Sydney, Vienna, Sweden, Geneva, Berlin and Mexico. 

According to the organizers, the “march” is more than just an anti-Trump protest, but more so on several points of interest:

1.   Trump’s unacceptable comments on a leaked 2005 Access Hollywood video, specifically: that  
      he could “grab women by the pussy, kiss them without (their) consent, and do whatever 
      he wanted because he’s a star;”

2. Highlight the Rights of Women;

3. Gender Justice, as well as Racial Justice;

4. LGBTQIA Rights;

5. Reproductive Freedom;

6. Dismantle the Gender and Racial Inequities within the criminal justice system;

7. An end to racial profiling, police brutality, and targeting of communities (women) of color;

8. Free from all forms of violence against women;

9. Equal pay for equal work;

10. All workers (including domestic and farm workers) must have the right to organize and have a 
        living minimum wage;

11. Civil Rights (freedom of speech, freedom to worship without discrimination);

12. Immigrant and Refugee Rights’.

Amongst the thousands in attendance, you can just be awed in wonder on how much clout the event has become when noted celebrities went out of their way in support of the cause. One can’t help but be inspired as some fashion gurus make a stand to break their silence on the ruckus made by the current US administration. And the Women’s March aftermath? A walk down the runway with fashion designs speaking out!


Rachel Comey of New York wrote to the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) in an effort to rally others in the industry to support the movement. 

“This is an opportunity for us, the fashion industry, to show that we stand in solidarity with the women who make up the majority of our customers—and (majority of) our workforce,” she wrote. “Women's rights are human rights.”

Emotions were high and overflowing as thousands of women (and men and even children) poured to the streets and social media. Other fashion brands and designers who actively participated include Burton Vermont-Donna Carpenter, Aurora James-Brother Vellies, Raquel Allegra, Rachel Antonoff, Mara Hoffman, Elizabeth and James, Marimekko, and Zero + Maria Cornejo. 

On the runways, it seems like there is a political awakening as shirts, caps, and buttons with heartfelt messages took the stage. Black or shirt shirts with prints like “The Future is Female,” “Nevertheless, She Persisted.”The rest of the designs were smart, simple but exquisite having ribbed knit dresses, fur coats in dazzling colours, ivory knits, plaid shirts, parkas and sweat shirts. There is even a cap with a tag “Make America New York.”

The overall message is clear: empower women and treat them equally and with respect. They exemplify the strength, individuality, defiance, confidence and grace of women all over the world, as the fashion gurus make a stand in one united voice. The result --- it is absolutely unbelievable and awe-inspiring!

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