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Where the Deep Blue meets White Sand

Where the Deep Blue meets White Sand

With 7,641 islands strong, the Philippines will never run short of destination spots that would suit your fancy. Yes, the figures aren’t deceiving you. Back in the days wherein we study Philippine geography and history, most people would have told said that the Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands. Well those numbers might be true; but that’s before 534 more “newer” islands were discovered anew. Perhaps because of the introduction of advanced engineering technology (like the island creation in Dubai), or the continuous movement of land formations or “plates” has caused these islands to surface.

Lakawon (also known as Llacaon) is a local tourist spot north of Bacolod. It is interestingly
a banana-shaped island spanning about 16-hectares of white coastal area that is filled with nature’s beauty. It is a frequent weekend getaway and a haven for both the locals and tourists alike.

Going to Lakawon Island is an adventure in itself. For you to get there, you need to the port area of Barangay Cadiz Viejo at Cadiz City, Negros Occidental. From the port you will ride have approximately a 20-minute boat ride going to the island of Lakawon. It is best for everyone to travel early so that you may enjoy every moment; starting with the scenic sunrise that greets the area.

Lots of improvements have been made to make sure that your stay at this island paradise would be a memorable one. Accommodations wouldn’t pose as a problem since Lakawon offer a number
of choices depending on your budget and needs.The place has Premiere and Junior Suites, a Pearl Place and Bamboo Huts. However, some guests would prefer to be closer to the shore to experience the waters up close. There are a number of tents which can be rented out to campers.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will always be a delightful experience at the Sunset Bar. The dining area is spacious, and has a great view of the crystal blue waters in one side, and the lush greenery of trees on the other. There is also an enclosed air-conditioned private area which can be reserved for private parties and gatherings. Acoustic music can be enjoyed every Fridays and Saturdays while you satisfy your palate with fresh seafood dishes or Chicken Bacolod, alcoholic beverages, cocktails, fruit shakes, and the island’s version of soft Italian gelato.

If you prefer to enjoy the waters off the beach, you may want to visit the Tawhai Floating Bar. Refreshments are served on its lower and upper decks, both having facilities where you can lie
down and enjoy the sun and wind. For the adventurous, it is allowed to jump and dive from the upper deck down to the surrounding waters. But it is always advised to be careful before doing so because everyone would be required to sign a waiver prior to climbing onboard claiming that island management will not be held liable for the safety of such actions.

So after having a grand and wild time street dancing in the Maskara Festival of Bacolod, come on over and enjoy a peaceful and quiet time in the island of Lakawon. Whether you stay for just a day or two, you can be sure that your stay will be a great one!

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