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Getting Birth, Death, Marriage and CENOMAR Certificates less the Stress

Obtaining your NSO certified Birth Certificate isn’t that hard to get nowadays. Ever since the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) implemented their new guidelines in getting Birth, Death, Marriage and CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage Record), they managed to cut down drastically the waiting time of processing and releasing these documents. Formerly known as the National Statistics Office (NSO), the PSA streamlined the processes of acquiring these documents which are often needed whenever you need to travel abroad, apply for local or foreign employment, or process school requirements.

There are couple of ways on how you can manage to get hold of these important documents would depend on how fast you need them and how much you are willing to spend. As of this writing, there are at least four (4) ways to choose from:

·   1.  Applying online through affiliated PSA web portals;
·   2.  Hiring private offices or individual to facilitate the certificates in your behalf;
·   3. Through SM Business Centers (in the mall); and
·   4.  Walk-in applications via the Serbilis (PSA) Outlets nationwide.

Direct online applications through the PSA-affiliated websites would take about 3-9 working days for you to get the documents since they will be delivered through courier.

Incidentally, the second choice of hiring private offices or individuals to get the certificates would be the least tedious, but is probably the most expensive way between the four. On the other hand, SM Business Centers can process the applications through their mall-based offices, but you need to come back and get the documents in the same business center in approximately 4-6 business days.

The fastest and most economical way of getting your Birth Certificate is through the PSA Serbilis Offices in perhaps 1-2 business days, but of course that would depend if you are finished with the application queue before their cut-off time (usually 3:00 pm), or from 4-15 business days should there be any problems that would require further checking of data prior to its release.

The cost of service may be the first thing to consider for most people. Getting the Birth Certificate via Serbilis Outlets would cost approximately P140 (Birth, Death, Marriage) or P195 (CENOMAR). However, may be a few other miscellaneous costs so better for you to prepare P200-P250 just to be sure that you wouldn’t over-shoot your budget.

Applying the documents online via E-Census (www.ecensus.com.ph), you need to prepare either P315 (Birth, Death, Marriage) or P415 (CENOMAR). Going through PSA Helpline (nsohelpline.ph) will merit P350 (Birth, Death, Marriage) or P450 (CENOMAR). These rates are inclusive of the processing and delivery fees, as well as government taxes.

The SM Business Centers goes through almost the same application process of filling out the forms, although there is an additional SM form that you need to fill out containing some of the information on the original request form and the number of copies needed. This additional form is for solely for SM’s copy, so it would be wise to verify all information carefully to make sure they are consistent. The amount is P140 (for every Birth Certificate copy) with an additional SM service fee of P20. Technically, that adds up to either P160 (Birth, Death, Marriage), or P215 (CENOMAR). 

So depending on how fast you want to process the documents and your budgetary requirements, you can choose the application process on how to get hold of your Birth Certificates. Please don’t forget to bring at least 1-2 valid IDs (Company or School ID, Driver’s License, SSS, GSIS, NBI Clearance, Passport, Police Clearance, Postal, PRC, Senior Citizen/PWD, Voters ID) for the applicant, and also an ID and Letter of Authorization if processed by a Representative other than the applicant.

This is just a gist of the delivery time and payments for the services rendered. Kindly check for new updates through the websites mentioned above. Information may be subject to change without prior notice, as per the attached agencies that handle the services. Cheers!

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