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What Roses Say About You

Do you often bring flowers to a friend or a loved one who is recently recovering from an illness? Or perhaps a bouquet to celebrate an event or even just a simple gesture of appreciation? With Valentines Day just around the corner, it would be best to know what color of roses for you to give. In this day of hearts, the color matters. So let’s check out the different color of roses and their meanings.

The Classic Red Rose

This is the age-old symbol for beauty and passion, and likewise for desire and heartfelt love. When given outside of just being romantic, it becomes a symbol of gratitude and congratulations for reaching a certain achievement. A single rose that is thrown at the stage after a ballet performance conveys appreciation for a great effort; while a dozen red ones dauntlessly says “I love you” to the deepest core.

The White Rose

Closely associated with purity, innocence, reverence, spirituality, and new beginnings, the white rose can be gracefully seen in weddings, baptismal and confirmation, and funeral rites. In Christian tradition, the purity of the white rose is identified with Blessed Virgin Mary; while it is also commonly representing deep love in marriage celebrations.

The Mysterious Yellow Rose

Throughout the generations, the yellow rose has changed its meaning in a rather radical manner. During the Victorian era, yellow roses expressively signified jealousy and pins its beneficiary of infidelity. However, the present day gives it a more cheerful outlook. As true as the sun shines, yellow roses signify platonic friendship, care and spread of joy. It is a good choice to send one when thanking a person for a great help, a symbol of congratulations on happy occasions, and a perfect “Get Well Soon” gift.

The Versatile Pink Rose

Because it is not as strong as red or orange, and has a deeper color than the whites and yellows, the pink rose can be sent during different occasions: from offering congratulations to a young girl or woman for a certain accomplishment, to celebrating new friendship or budding romance, it signifies gentleness, admiration, gratitude, grace, elegance and happiness.

The Fiery Orange Rose

Undoubtedly, the strong orange color signifies intense passion, desire, attraction, enthusiasm and fascination. But even though it is primarily geared for romance, orange roses can be striking in a different way. So it is carefully chosen on a case-to-case basis during weddings, anniversaries and Valentines Day.

The Pale Peach Rose

Quite the opposite of its orange counterpart, the peach rose gives an ample message of sincerity, modesty and gratitude. It is also a means to convey sympathy for people who recently lost a loved one, or to console those who are currently going through some rough moments in life. Peach and pink roses is a great combination in a bouquet, and has graced many as a wedding motif.

The Deeper Shade of Burgundy Rose

Even in the Victorian era, burgundy roses signify an “unconscious beauty;” sometimes having a deeper meaning than that of a red rose. To get that out-of-the-ordinary appeal on a rose bouquet, mix burgundy amongst red or pink roses to add flavor and depth.

The Enchanting Purple Rose

With an air of a rather mystical and spiritual aura, purple roses convey a rather profound symbolism for majesty, adoration, royalty and fascination. Purple roses is a good match to give to people having a spiritual or rather mystical side. They give a distinct combination when mixed with red, burgundy or pink roses.

The Nature-Inspired Green Rose

The holistic symbolism for peace, fertility, calmness and spiritual rejuvenation is embodied on a green rose. It is befitting any spiritual occasion like confirmation or baptism; and as a symbol for peace, it is deemed appropriate as a funeral flower. Only pale green roses grow in nature. So if you see a rather bright green rose that is like St. Patrick’s Day green, well, you can be sure it is dyed that way by the florist.

The Mysterious Blue and Black Roses

The blues and black does not naturally occur in nature; they are either very dark red or purple that may pass as a black rose, or dark blue-toned purple representing a blue rose. The blue rose signifies that which is mysterious and unattainable, while a black rose indicates a clear meaning of death and goodbyes. If you want a definite blue or black rose, you can ask your florist to dye one for you.

So which color of rose would you give? That would depend on what you want to convey, and to whom you are about to give the rose. 

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