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Goodbye's the Saddest Word

It is everyone’s dream to live a perfect life. Though there is none that can be considered as “perfect,” we would like something that is close to it; a decent house, happy family, good health, peace of mind and financial stability.

But in the real world, these things tend to be hard to get. Poverty and disease are prevalent. Man’s greed for power and control over economic necessities translated to a ravaged land of war and pestilence. Sickness and death roam the earth like a thief in the night; it does not choose whether young or old, healthy or weak, rich or poor, family or stranger, friend or foe.

Death --- the great equalizer. I remember the first time I encountered as such. 3rd grade, a young and healthy boy nine years of age, succumbs to diabetes which led to heart failure; he’s one of my buddies, a classmate, and a friend. It became a puzzle for my young mind: Is that even possible? Having a rendezvous with death at such an early age? Seems absurd but it is harsh reality. There comes a time in our lives that we come face to face with death, one way or the other. And yes, it is not an easy thing to deal with.

Quite recently, it struck a family member of a dear friend of mine. One of the hardest to deal with is the passing of the person who brought you into this world. Losing a mother takes away a part of us. And it hurts emotionally and psychologically. The grief tends to question our faith, and if left unhealed, may affect and deteriorate personal relationships and even the way we go with our daily lives.

The realization is clear. Each and every one of us is severely affected with such loses, especially if the ones that we lose are those people whom we hold dear. Some can handle the situation better than others and let go. While others may be struck so hard that they carry the burden; as if the whole weight of the world fell on their shoulders. A feeling of loneliness and despair seemed to continuously creep up, making each step heavy and hard to make.

But like what I told my friend, think of things this way. Yes, the grief may be great, but you need to get hold of yourself and move on. Why? If you feel and act so low and down, it would eventually spread to those whom you get in contact with, and their gloom will in turn transfer to others.

Remember, the only constant thing in this world is change. Life is full of trials, and for most, misery. But there are also lots to be thankful for ... our partners, children, family, friends and people who make us smile and lift us up when all chips are down. We all must move on because these people we cherish and hold dear still count on us. They need our strength to carry on.

So we need to be strong, both for them and for ourselves. And for the longest time, whenever I feel lost and ready to give up, that thought is what keeps me going.

Talking helps, a lot. And you are not alone.

Life Is Good is a compilation of life’s experiences as a whole, however big or small. It does not dwell on the daily challenges in life, but rather on its positive aspects. Every one of us encounter different levels of stress and challenges each day. One thing is for certain, no matter how heavy the problem you are facing, there is always someone in other parts of the globe who carries a heavier load and is coping up really well facing it.

Remember, you, our dear readers, are not alone. Share with us your experiences in life, and let us help each other walk this earth on a happy and positive note. Follow us at www.globalpinays.com.

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