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Graduation: A Step Towards The Future

March --- It is that time of the year again when students are eagerly looking forward to summer vacation. But those things have to wait because it is also cramming time to finish last minute reports, projects and clearances. Finals exams should be over by now; contributing to less stress which may be already reaching its breaking point.

Graduation is a momentous event in one’s life. It is a culmination of all the hardwork not only for the whole year, but also for all the years of study in school. All the frustrations, disappointments, fun and laughter, the sleepless nights, practicing for programs; these and much, much more made life in school a colourful one.

It also makes parents and friends proud to some degree. For parents, probably a sigh of relief that you have survived the rigors of school; another would be as sense of accomplishment, that they were able to provide the tools that would help shape the future. For friends, proud of being with someone who has hurdled what most has failed to accomplish.

It is true that graduating from school presents new, exciting opportunities and creates an avenue for greener pastures; it would also serve as a new challenge and eye-opener for most.

Why is this so? Well here’s the glaring truth without sugar-coating it:

1. There are hundreds of thousands graduating students each year and gradually increasing; which are spread out in different courses or discipline groups.
2. As of January 2018 statistics, estimated unemployment rate is at 5.3% based on the Labor Force Participation Rate of 62.2% of the total Labor Force Population of 70.897 million (aged 15 years and over). That is approximately 2.33 million unemployed. 

3. Sorting by educational attainment, 21.9% of the total unemployed are college graduates, 13.7% college undergraduates, and 29.4% completed at least junior highschool. 
     4. Based on statistics as of January 2018, 65.5% of unemployed are males, 34.5% are females.

    5. Based on age group, unemployment is greatest at 43.2% among those between ages 15 to 24; while 31.1% comprise between 25 to 34 years of age.

Why do we show these numbers?

     College graduates should improve their trade either by gaining experience, or pursue specialized studies or training. Remember, learning is a continuous process. More knowledge and experience translates to increased chances of getting hired for a better position.
    Being a college graduated does not automatically translate to landing a job. College, highschool, and elementary undergraduates, as well as self-taught or home-based students have equal opportunities for work depending on their performance to do work.

Remember, studying in a notable school, college or university may be a big plus; same goes for those who received awards of excellence. But quite frankly, everything depends upon the person himself/herself. You don’t need to be physically or intellectually gifted to succeed in what you do. All it takes is the willingness to sacrifice, persevere, be resourceful and work hard beyond expectation. By doing so, you can adapt to most challenges and soar to greater heights.

Start that change and be the change you want to be in this world. The only thing that stands between you and success is yourself. Believe that you can --- and do it!

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