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Living Life with a Disability (Part 3 of 3)

Friday, 26 August 2016, an endorsement came from the Presidential Action Center (PACE) asking the Department of Social Welfare in Manila City Hall to facilitate and reply to the parties concerned. Alas, the sad thing is nothing came out in response to the PACE endorsement. Either it was deliberately ignored, misplaced, or set aside by DSW during that period in time, for reasons only the people concerned can answer. But of course, expect no one will admit who's at fault.

Never got a call, reply or email from DSW regarding the PACE endorsement, so I finally decided to personally drop by the offices of MDSWD-District IV and DSWD NCR (1st week December 2016) hoping to be entertained. Here's what happened, and remember I am still recovering from the spine operation to boot:

  • MDSWD-District IV had me submit requirements like IDs and forms; all of which were completed and complied within the same week of submission.

  • MDSWD iinformed that this is a loan not capital/financial assistance, and amounting to just Php5,000.

  • Got approved December 2016 w/ appropriated budget, but sadly MDSWD-D.IV had me go back and forth on follow-upss without news of disbursement.

  •  Still no word as of February 201 to-date.

Brought to DSWD-NCR the referral letter from PACE (#SE-GDP-08-02-2016-023) also during the 1st week of December 2016.

  • Same as MDSWD, they had me submit forms and requirements; all completed within the same week of submission.

  • After a month of follow-up, I was told approvals will be released by March or April 2017, and they will contact me.
  • Made numerous follow-upss, calls and messages with contacts in DSWD-NCR but they were not available every time,

  • Never heard from DSWD-NCR to-date.

Reported the said events to PACE-OP thru email dated February 9, 2017. Made some follow-ups. Never got a response from PACE-OP to-date.

Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) is a little bit promising - at first. September 1, 2016 I tried to resend a copy of the original inquiry and assistance letter thru email and PBSP Facebook Messenger.

  • Received 1st FB response on September 5, 2016 asking me to get in touch with their Livelihood and Enterprise Development (LED) Unit at 527-3751and to resend previous email to pbsp@pbsp.org.ph.

  • Email sent again 09/05/2016. PBSP FB acknowledged receipt of email by 09/06/2016 and was forwarded to LED Unit c/o Ms. Grace Pedragosa and Ms. Mercy Amar. I was also advised to call them thru 527-3751.

  • Advised PBSP FB that I will call by Thursday, 8th September 2016.

  • Called 09/08/2016, between 8:30-9am, but both are in a meeting. Left my contact number (09064457827) for a possible return call by PBSP. Message acknowledged thru PBSP FB 2:26pm - September 8, 2016.

  • Called PBSP Office repeatedly, however both contact persons are always either in a meeting or out-of-the office. Never received word/email/call/message from PBSP in FB, phone or email from September 9, 2016 to-date.

So maybe, I said to myself, that I am just another PWD left-out to bleed and forgotten. Well, I tried to reach out; but so much for these high profile organizations who say they strive for poverty alleviation, livelihood, sustainable development, and improvement in the quality of life among Filipino families. 

Maybe a single life (and sadly someone who used to champion the same ideals that they represent), who's striving to get back on his two feet and become a productive member of society, ain't as important that is worth their time.

Here’s hoping that the experience that I shared will serve as an eye-opener to all the powers that be.

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