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Enter the World of K-Pop

K-Pop, or Korean Pop Music, has garnered a tremendous following in the past few years especially among the younger generation. It represents a good mix of pop, rock, electronic, hip hop, and R&B music with music colorful music videos and slick dance moves.

Playing also a big factor in its worldwide success and following is the composition of the K-Pop groups; most notably young, confident and good looking men and women of the younger generation. It is part of what is referred to as "Hallyu" or "Korean Wave" which include Film and TV Dramas (more popularly known as Tele-Novelas) that come from South Korea.

Tribute to the success of K-Pop groups like BTS, Black Pink, EXO and Red Velvet paved the way for the formation of more bands; all having their own unique signature moves and styles that continue to grow and improve.

Early this month of January 2019, the FNC Entertainment company of South Korea introduced their newest 10-member girl group Cherry Bullet with their debut album "Let's Play Cherry Bullet."

TXT, or Tomorrow X Together (read as Tomorrow by Together), is an upcoming boy group that is rumored as an offshoot from the popular boy group, BTS, also under BigHit Entertainment.

Tomorrow X Together --- TXT

Other K-Pop groups who are out to make their own splash in the music industry are the following:

ITZY, a 5-member girl group from JYP Entertainment, who popularized the group Twice, Miss A and Wonder Girls.
YG Entertainment's Treasure Box is yet to unveil the two remaining slots for its upcoming 7-member boy group. YG is known for bringing into form male group sensations Big Bang, Winner and iKON.

K-Pop fan or not, watch out for this new wave of Korean Pop groups who are out to prove they have what it takes to make it big this 2019.

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