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Watching Your Favourite Sports Show in Style!

Passionate sports fans sometimes can’t get enough of the hype and ruckus that surround their favorite sport. It may be basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, hockey, mixed martial arts, wrestling or even horseracing and cockfighting (sabong), anything that keeps you on your toes whenever you watch your favorite team or sports personality doing what he or she does best.

Some may prefer watching sports on cable TV or internet live streaming in the comfort of their homes. But others, especially if you prefer watching with friends or mixing it up with the crowd, go out of their way and look for the best seats offered by sports bars and restaurants. With lots of booze, chips, putok-batok foods (usually deeply fried pork parts or crispy chicken skins), large television screens and an animated crowd that shares the same passion on sports; no wonder people flock to their favorite sports bars for some good old-fashioned fun!

So let’s start the show on the road and venture out to those cozy yet exciting places to let loose and just have a grand time watching sports entertainment at its best unfold. Here are some of the most frequented sports grills, bar, and restaurants in and around the Metropolis:

Skinny Mike’s Sports Bar - Taguig
Football fans come in all shapes and sizes so to speak, and with the twenty (20) 42” LCD TVs’ and a projection screen, you can’t miss any of the live action and excitement of Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and the like in whichever corner of Skinny Mike’s Sports Bar in Taguig that you’re in.
Howzat Sports Bar - Poblacion, Makati
From the NBA Playoffs to the Super Bowl, to the green pool tables scattered across the establishment, Howzat Sports Bar in Poblacion, Makati has it all for everyone’s enjoyment. And the best part of it all? They are open 24-hours on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays so that you can really unwind during the weekend.

Bugsy’s Sports Bar and Bistro - BGC
Classy, elegant and stylish, Bugsy’s Sports Bar and Bistro of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) can certainly turn up the heat of every goal scored! So don’t let those leather-padded booths and shining chandeliers stop you from whooping it up; all of Bugsy’s sports patrons share your passion on your chosen sport.
Pig and Whistle Sports Grill - Parañaque
When you crave those mouth-watering foods with your favorite ice-cold drink on hand while watching a heated boxing match, Pig and Whistle Sports Grill of Parañaque may be just what the doctor has ordered. Kidding aside, get your fill of Crispy Pata with Fish and Chips, Putok-Batok foods, and booze as you enjoy heart-stopping non-stop sports action!

The Black Boar - Kapitolyo, Pasig
Need to unwind and mellow-down while enjoying a game away from the noisy and animated crowd of regular sports bars? Kapitolyo, Pasig has The Black Boar to keep you company. Although it is a frequented place, it’s quite a good place to sit down, socialize and enjoy sports shows in a toned-down fashion.
H&J Sports Bar and Restaurant - Poblacion, Makati
A place that is quite popular amongst expats, H&J Sports Bar and Restaurant (formerly Heckle and Jeckle Sports Bar) in Poblacion, Makati enjoys one of the most diverse crowds of different nationalities. This is because of the wide array of sports events shown in the place. What a better way to polish your English speaking skills as you mingle around with the establishment’s clientele.

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