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Looking Young and Being Young at Heart

There’s no big secret that most, if not all people, are self-conscious of what others perceive about them. They say “first impressions last” which is true; whether it be on the physical or psychological aspect. Outside appearance does matter regardless of your personal belief, age, gender or ethnicity. It is but human nature to initially size-up a person based on their aesthetic features at first glance.

But do you know that there are many things which cause a person to look older than they really are? Others may say age is age, and we cannot do anything against it. Yes, time does pass by; but what you really need to do is to work with it, and not against it. All is not just looking young and beautiful, but being confident and comfortable about being yourself.

Here are several instances which makes us look and feel older than we do, and what we can do about it:

Wearing Clothes That Doesn’t Fit


The style of clothes that you wear is never the problem; it is how you wear it that matters. When you choose to wear clothes that are too tight or too loose, too long or too short; you will look rather sloppy and rugged. Wearing clothes that are just the right fit makes you look smart and pleasing to the eye. So better take a look at your wardrobe and discard those ill-fitting clothing. You need not change your entire wardrobe; just replace or enhance your current crop of clothes and find that perfect match.

Having Bad Posture

Posture comes so naturally that it is something that most people tend to overlook. Did you know that slouching connotes insecurity and lack of self-confidence? More than this, it does make one look “aged” or what some may say “crooked.” Sitting or walking up straight, as most moms will tell you, will give you an aura of confidence. With your chin held up high, you project a positive personality that others psychologically care less of your age or the clothes you currently wear.

Holding on to Old Trends

Have you ever received a comment that you look “so old-fashioned?” And how did that make you feel? Quite awkward, right? Well, the good news is that you actually “do not need” to ditch everything and change your entire wardrobe, which is quite a waste of time and money. You just need to be updated on the latest trends, and then choose among your outfits on what you can wear and partner them with modern designer fashion trends. For example, pairing white shirts with denim pants, or solid-knitted scarf over checkered dresses; these are great combinations which mix current trends with that of the yesteryears.

Do What You Love Doing and Loving What You Do
Have you noticed how being happy doing things that you love, and sharing these moments with people you care about keeps you active and younger-looking?  That is because stress level goes down immeasurably whenever you are happy, thus prevent fine lines and wrinkles to foster. No one can stop the aging process, but we sure can create that “glowing aura” by living a stress-free life.

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