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Nature Trekking at Suyac Island

Beating the scorching heat of summer can be in several forms; staying indoors away from the sun, going window-shopping and frequenting the cinemas in the malls, or going out-of-town for a dip in the pool or the beach. But since it is vacation for most students, it can be an opportune time for families and friends to get together and travel to the more scenic parts of the Philippine archipelago.

Suyac Island, one of the premier places in Sagay City, Negros Occidental, is home to the city’s first community-based Eco-Tourism project – The Suyac Island Mangrove Eco Park. It boasts of the biggest and oldest mangroves in Negros Occidental known as sonnertia alba; more locally known as “pagatpat.”

The locals would definitely advise tourists and visitors alike that it is best to schedule a visit during high tide where you can enjoy swimming and mangrove paddling. And when you think you’re getting the hang of it on your nature trekking, check out the bountiful seafood delicacies that you can have to your heart’s content!

Visiting Suyac Island is a breeze. Let us guide you on the best way of getting to Sagay City.

From Bacolod North Terminal ride a bus to Sagay City, regular fee is Php 130. Drop off to Sagay City proper terminal.

Ride a tricycle going to Old Sagay Tourist Center (located at Sagay Feeder Port) for Php 10.

Now you have to ride a boat going to Suyac Island Mangrove Eco Park; which is a good 3-kilometers away from the mainland.

From Sagay feeder port, ride a boat to Suyac Island for Php 25 per head. You can also rent the whole boat for 10 pax at a reasonable price of Php500 for a round trip.

Some of the rates that you need to know include the Terminal Fee of Php10 and Entrance Fee of Php50. The cottages can be rented for Php500, while there are also side attractions like the Paddle Tour which you can inquire onsite.

As always, try to book at least 3-days in advance for the tour activities that you want to enjoy. You may contact this number for reservations: 09463327686.

Important reminder: Be sure to follow all of the rules and regulations of the Island. Be a responsible traveller.

Have a great summer!

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