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A Day in the Life of a Miss Universe

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray with Love Yourself staff and volunteers
Photo courtesy of  Bruce Cassanova/Bb Pilipinas

When Ms. Catriona Gray was proclaimed winner of the Miss Universe pageant last December 17, 2018, the entire Filipino Nation was ecstatic. It was a highlight for the successes garnered by the Filipina the whole year round 2018; including the other 9 top winners for their own categories: Miss Multinational, Miss Eco International, Miss Tourism Worldwide, Miss Asian International, Miss Summer World, Miss Teen Planet, Miss Universe International, Miss Teen Asian, Miss Asia Pacific International.

But outside of the glitz and glamour of international beauty competitions, the life of a beauty queen is a life of compassion, heart and hope. Take for instance Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. She is fulfilling her role to the hilt; being an Ambassador of Goodwil and as a beacon of hope.

See how Catriona spreads the message of peace, love and charity especially the underprivileged sectors of society.

Catriona with the staff, volunteers and children of Young Focus Foundation
Photo courtesy of Kaela Malig/GMA News
The children of Tondo, Manila has been a source of inspiration for the young Miss Universe even prior to winning the crown. And after winning the title and upon her first visit to Young Focus Foundation, she happily told the children of the community, “I hope I made you all proud!”

Catriona made them smile even more at the Smile Train, Philippine Band of Mercy in Quezon City
Photo courtesy of  Bruce Cassanova/Bb Pilipinas
Her next stop is among the children of Smile Train. Its focus is providing renewed hope to children affected by clefts, and lays down options of treatment and surgery. The organization is housed in Philippine Band of Mercy, Quezon City. Incidentally, the Smile Train is in partnership with the Miss Universe Organization since way back 2016.

Indeed, the life of a beauty queen demands lots of travelling, and meeting people from all walks of life. But it is such a gratifying experience to be able to reach out, put a smile in people’s faces, and let them feel that people around them still care despite the hardships of life.

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