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Heated Yoga Anyone?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that comes from the root word yuj which means a process of uniting, attaching or joining. Probably you have seen or at least have an idea of the various positions, and sometimes outrageously hard forms of stretching, that yoga has to offer.  Although all of these stretching and unearthly positions may seem to be so hard to do; but believe it or not, yoga is for everyone and can be done with the proper assistance.

Yoga and its different postures offer a holistic approach that is unique to itself. It brings harmonious balance; as it unites the body, mind and spirit into one. While meditation may be one of the important aspects of yoga, it also teaches flexibility in the muscles and joints. This is to improve blood circulation and increase the body’s natural immunity. But most importantly, all of these eventually work to relieve stress, common aches and pains, and provide increased energy.

Let us look into one of its styles and move to the introduction to heated yoga.

Also known as “hot yoga” to most, the procedures involved with Bikram is specifically designed to be used in a room that is heated to about 40.5 °C. Invented by Bikram Choudhury who is a Calcutta-born yoga master, he harnessed the powers of yoga to heal his injured knee at age 17 and succeeded. He started studying yoga from age 4 from renowned masters of the art.

The heated environment while doing Bikram yoga has its own great advantages. The heat allows for more flexibility, which in turn, helps achieve the needed postures with ease. It also causes the skin pores and blood capillaries to dilate; flushing toxins out of the body by sweating them out.

The different yoga postures combined with the temperature of the environment makes the heart beat faster. This produces the same kind of effect when you do aerobic exercises. Part of the process is to speed up metabolism; thus helping the breakdown of fatty acids and glucose for better functioning of the body systems.

These are but some of the many advantages presented to you by heated yoga. You will also learn deep breathing techniques, and discover how each individual posture benefits your body. Most of the postures are being used to strengthen the legs, provides balance, and work on separate muscle groups.

With proper care and continued practice, the forms of Bikram yoga and its breathing techniques will eventually come naturally.

Experience the big difference in your health and mind with the introduction to heated yoga!

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