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Dealing with Negative People

Stress has always been a constant presence in our day-to-day activities. If not handled properly, it will practically ruin your day and also affect others around you. The way how you handle stress and all the other problems that you encounter will make you stronger in the long run.

However, some people let their emotions and negativity take the better of them. This negative feeling is very infectious, and would seem draining to the person and to all those he come in contact with.

Dealing with negative people can sometimes be hard, but knowing how to communicate with them in the proper way can somewhat ease things for them. Let us look into some things that you can do when dealing with negative people.

Never go into an argument with a negative person. They usually have the tendency to stubbornly stick to a single point of view. Trying to empathize with them would make them ease up and relax a bit; which can be an avenue for better communication. Listen to them, allow them to talk and hear out what they have to say. The only time that you may give your suggestions, recommendations or constructive criticisms is when you have fully understood the situation.

Try to read the situations. Complaining can sometimes be the way some people express themselves when they need help. Their personal pride may take the better of them; and at most times, they would rather express themselves by complaining rather than bluntly requesting for help. By simply saying “Is there any way that I can be of assistance” or “Maybe we can work on it together and see how it goes” can break the ice, and possibly, open ways for interaction.  They would eventually come to realize that you are trying to help them the best way that you can, and willing to stick it out with them no matter what happens.

There will be times when negative comments and other adverse reactions may suddenly come out of the blue. Make sure not to reply in an equally negative way that may start arguments. You may just reply with a simple “I see” or “ok” to acknowledge him or her.

Given them praise and positive compliments when they make favourable actions to make them feel good. You may be equally surprised of the positive effect it will bring.

When dealing with negative people, you need to extend your level of understanding on the next level. Patiently listening and having controlled reactions may be the best way to address these situations, and create a more positive atmosphere for everyone.

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