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Valentine Gift Ideas for Him and for Her

With the Season of Hearts just around the corner, it is of no surprise if some people are making preparations for Valentines’ Day this early. You may be thinking of giving something for your husband, wife, fiancée, long-time partner or friend, and it does not matter how big, small, expensive or simple for as long as it given with love and it comes from the heart.

Though it has been an age-old tradition for people to give their loved ones something to remember, it is always heart-warming to let people know you care for them. Flowers, bouquets, chocolates, cards, mini-balloons, trinkets, self-portraits, mugs, caps, jackets, everyday items, or perhaps a simple dinner would suffice.

Here are some gift ideas both for him and for her:

Printed Shirts. You need not say much out loud what you can say through prints. And best part of this --- it would perfectly fit your budget! Simple but meaningful messages speak out your mind on how much you care for your loved one. So whatever occasion it is, Valentines, birthdays or the like, people you love will always be thankful for that caring moment you shared.

Personalized Mugs. It’s just like saying “I love you, I miss you, and I care” every moment of the day that he or she uses the personalized mugs for coffee, tea or any other beverage. And it will be a constant reminder, not only just for Valentines’ Day, but for as long as it is being used.

Trinkets, Bracelets, Necklaces, Pendants. Much can be said about these small, yet commemorative items which relate different meanings depending on the item and color. Don’t forget to have the name of your loved one and your message engraved, for a more personalized gift.

Chocolates, Valentine Cards. These age-old gifts during the season of hearts remain as one of the favourite ways of showing love and affection to a loved one. Once again, it is the message that comes with it, which counts the most.

Flowers, Bouquets, Mini-Balloons. Some say it with red roses; others with pink and white ones. Giving flowers, especially roses, during Valentines’ Day has been “the custom” ever since we can remember. But better be careful in choosing the right color for the right person, because some are sensitive to what the flower color connotes --- especially during Valentines.

Everyday items. Knowing a person well will provide you with an idea on what you can give him or her come Valentines’ Day. If your mom likes to cook or bake, why not give her a personalized apron? If your brother likes woodworking, probably you can give Handyman tools. For your favourite nephew, niece, grandchildren or friend, giving a shirt or cap of his/her favourite colour with a logo/initial would probably make them feel special on the day of hearts. It is not about what you give, but the message you are trying to convey to them that counts.

A simple get-together lunch or dinner. Sometimes people never really cared for lavish gifts. Don’t get me wrong, people DO APPRECIATE your efforts. But frankly speaking, a simple lunch or dinner together (especially if you find the time to prepare it yourself) with friends and loved ones would be irreplaceable! One can truly feel the love that is in the air when dinner is filled with friendly chatter and laughter and plenty of stories and jokes thrown around. 

This coming Valentines’ Day, don’t get too hyped and worked-up on what to give to loved ones just to make a good impression on the day of hearts. Remember, all of these people know and love you, as much as you love them. It’s a matter of imparting that message of love --- in your own simple way.


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