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Reminisce Holy Week 2019

The Holy Week is an age-old tradition of the Roman Catholic Church in observance of the last week of the Lenten Season. It begins on Palm Sunday, runs the entire week, and ends upon the celebration of Easter Sunday.

It has been customary for the faithful to observe penance and fasting during Holy Week. On the other hand, both local and foreign tourists eagerly await the portrayal of the events which transversed, from the successful entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem (amply called Palm Sunday as the people wave palm branches/leaves in reverence and greeting), to the solemn Passion of Christ (anointing, betrayal, suffering and death), which ends in celebration of the Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday.

Below are the specific dates and their corresponding celebrations during Holy Week:

Palm Sunday           April 14, 2019             Blessing and Procession of Palm Branches/Leaves
Holy Monday          April 15, 2019             Remembering Joseph and the cursed fig tree.
                                                                         Also the ‘Cleansing’ of the Temple.
Holy Tuesday          April 16, 2019              Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25:1-13)
                                                                          The Passion is read according to Mark.
Holy Wednesday    April 17, 2019              Anointing of Christ in the house of Simon the Leper
                                                                          Sacrament of the Holy Unction.
Maudy Thursday    April 18, 2019             Commemoration of The Last Supper.
                                                                          The Washing of the Feet. Visita Iglesia (7-Churches)
Good Friday            April 19, 2019             Crucifiction and Death of Jesus Christ.
                                                                          Stations of the Cross.
Black Saturday       April 20, 2019             Easter Vigil. Ressurection (Mark 16: 1-8)
Easter Sunday        April 21, 2019              Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
                                                                          “Salubong” (Meeting of Risen Christ and Mary)

Left: "Palaspas" or Palm Sunday  ---  Right: "Salubong" or Meeting of Risen Christ and Mary
The “Pabasa ng Pasyon” and re-enactment of the Passion of Christ until his Crucifixion and Death have been constant crowd-drawers. In Pampanga, the “Magdarame” or penitents/devotees to the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ showcases the burden of carrying a life-sized cross, walking barefooted on hot and stone pavement, self-flagellation and actual crucifixion of devotees as a way of atoning for their sins.

From Left: Self Flagellation and Right: Reenactment of Crucifixion as Acts of Penance
Photos courtesy of Alamy
Visita Iglesia or Visitation to (at least) 7-Churches is held during the evening of Maudy Thursday; while the “Salubong” rites are usually held by local parishioners before daybreak, or in others, right after the Easter Vigil of Easter Sunday.

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