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Global Pinays

Global  Pinays, at first was a small platform to show off our advocacy regarding overseas Pinays and the many achievements they’ve attained across the globe and also in the Philippines. Later on, it became a blog that showcased the Philippines and what is has to offer as a country. And then, Not only does it revolve itself around the country but it began to grow into something much bigger. It became a somewhat like community wherein different online users/bloggers of different platforms from different corners of the world started submitting their work which usually involves their opinions regarding certain issues, global or local and also such work that express their emotions towards anything that takes their point of interest.

Global Pinays has always been a sweet escape, a place where I could release the thoughts that are cluttered in my mind and be able to talk about the things that I took genuine interest in and everything relevant to it. It was a place where I could express my feelings towards certain objects or ideas or opinions. It was a place wherein I could talk about things that I thought was important or needed to be talked about. 

If you're interested in getting published in Global Pinays, feel free to email us your content and ideas!


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    1. Thank you for your continued support. Rest assured that we aim to bring out the best news and information that will not only serve to entertain but also give relevant facts that can be applicable to daily living. Kindly encourage your friends to follow our blog for more insightful articles.

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