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What to Do Before and During Vaccination


With the arrival of the Covid-19 vaccines, a lot of minds have been relieved. We have been waiting patiently for the arrival of Covid-19 treatment, and here it is! The stress, panic, and anxiety we carried through the months has given way to hope as the approval of The COVID 19-vaccine gets on track to save the lives of thousands. 

With the introduction of vaccines, we rush to fix our slot to get vaccinated. But do we have the right facts on what to do and what not to do when getting the COVID vaccine? Well, let’s get right to it! 


Better safe than sorry, isn’t it? But wait, how do we prepare for vaccination? There are certain leads to be followed for a safer and proper vaccination. Let us dive to the point!

  • Perfect clothing with precautionary measures is what helps decide your safety.
    • Masks - Wearing a mask, preferably an N95 mask is mandatory. It is the basic guard one could wear. It reduces the probability of the virus entering through the mouth and nose. But hold on for a moment, what is so special in N95 masks that it's preferred? Respirators, which filter out particles of air, are present here, they also have fewer valves through which particles can get in.
    • Face shield - Using a face shield protects your eyes, mouse, nose, and chin. It acts as a second-layer face protector. 
    • Gloves - Always move around with a glove on to diminish the spread of the virus to your hands. 
    • Extra accessories - the necessity of injecting a vaccine is everyone's concern, and hence the more the requirement, the more dangerous it is to be in public. By having on a cap, your wait under the blazing rays of the sun could be more comfortable. An extra pair of clothes and shoes is desirable, as the virus could stay in your clothes.
  • Food habits - Healthy grub is a vital element to leading a happy life. Similarly, it is important to have a proper meal before getting immunized. 
    • Consume plenty of water, which ensures that your body doesn’t dehydrate. 
    • Have a nutritious meal before you go! Having a nutrition-rich meal boosts your immunity and prepares you on your way!
    • On the day of vaccination, do not drink alcohol. It can be highly dangerous and cause side effects. 
  • Other precautions? 
    • It has been scientifically proven that by gargling betadine, a wide array of germs, viruses, and bacteria could be killed. This contains povidone-iodine. Henceforth, by gargling, we could destroy the virus and stay safe. 
  • On your way to the center? Well, you gotta be careful there too. Your drive through the roads, either in a bus, car, scooter, or however, millions of germs accompany you. To get rid of these, stick to these tips!
    • Ahead of entering your vehicle, sanitize your hands.
    • On reaching the destination, replace your mask, jackets, and gloves. This will serve as an advantage to your protection. 
    • Get off the vehicle, sanitize your hands off again and get going. But remember the golden rules, maintain social distance, avoid touching public areas. 


After arriving at the vaccination area, make sure you follow all the precautionary methods, such as:

  • Never remove your mask/face shield.
  • Wear gloves at all times.
  • Make sure you use sanitizer regularly.
  • Keep the social distance. 

Let’s stay united and end this together. Firstly, we have to abide by the basic rules during this pandemic, which is mentioned above. 

Secondly, we need to obey the hospital guidelines. By keeping our belongings to ourselves, and sanitizing them often, not touch things, we must contribute to make a better and safer place. By the time it is our turn to get vaccinated, we must look if the equipment is clean and tidy, observe whether the officials are wearing a mask, and keep a check on our surroundings. 

Finally, ensure that you leave with hands sanitized, faces covered and your body healthy. But wait, do you experience any side effects? Something is unusual? If yes, have a talk with the doctor, and do as he prescribes. 


Yay! You’ve boosted your immunity and lessened your chances of getting sick with COVID! But, give it a thought. You’ve returned from the vaccination site, a public area. It's better to follow these steps once you’re back:

  • Shower and freshen up!
  • Change your clothes, keep the clothes worn to the vaccination area separately.
  • Sanitize yourself. 
  • And make sure to rest! 

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