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Why You Should Buy and Use CopperMask

Wear a mask, sanitize, and maintain social distancing. In light of the pandemic, these should be the three golden rules. To avoid the virus, one of the most effective safety precautions is to wear a mask. 

Primarily, a mask is supposed to be worn on your face, when-so-ever you’re going outside, meeting people, or talking to people. Well, all these are the basic facts which we know. But, why do we fail to accomplish it? Is it because we lack additional information? Or is there not much awareness? Or is it because we don't understand its necessity? In today’s forum, we’ll be answering all your questions! 


Masks are primarily used for the purpose of face protection. It covers the area of your mouth, nose, chin, and at times, nose. They are protective accessories, which are mandatory by the Government. In today’s life, it’s the new normal. Not to be surprised, but even animals are supposed to wear them to take the edge off. 

They prevent onward transmission, possible effects and protect the human from any kind of bacteria, virus, or fungi. Now, it’s time to introduce our different heroes. Our hero comes with various materials, utilities, and races. The top 4 are;

  1. Cloth mask: A normal, homemade mask, which is not much effective to prevent you from the virus. But it is safer, cleaner, and easier to use. Combining a cloth mask with a filter is pure genius!
  2. Medical mask: they are used by medical professionals, it’s also recommended for the elderly. They are disposable ones, hence accountable only for one-time use. 
  3. N95: You must have heard this the most, am I right? Yes, it is the most preferable mask you could hang to. It is recommended for the front-line workers, who sacrifice their lives for us to live it up! They have respiration filters, which help us breathe better. Because eventually, the goal is simple: safety & security!

And here, we have a surprise for you! Introducing the ultimate, CopperMask! The new & improved oxygen filters and validation card. The special this deal mask with supreme features such as; one such is that it is made up of ten advanced non-woven fibers.


And for the creative people out there, here you go! This is a creative mask as well :). A do-it-yourself product, which you’ll enjoy to the fullest. The assembling process is quite simple and fun. Standing unique from the crowd, this features an enclosed filter. Atta boy my influencers, these are not only safe but stylish as well. Why don't we call it an all-rounder mask? 


 Here is the DIY process of assembling the CopperMask.

  1. Firstly, get your Coppermask film.
  2. Seal edges with stickers.
  3. Before you fit your filter, fold the other parts of your filter properly.
  4. Enclose the filter.
  5. Insert the elastic into the holes on both sides.
  6. Make sure it fits properly.
  7. And there ya go, it’s ready! 


While all of our heroes have their own properties, our hero here has brought something which is sole in feature. It blocks infectious droplets. Well, you might be wondering if all masks perform this? What’s so distinct in it?

Droplets of more than 5 um of liquid from the mouth when coughing, sneezing, or speaking to someone. Especially, respiratory diseases are caused by Covid-19 like viruses in case infectious droplets form a ballistic curve within 1~2m. 


Yes! SGS, the world’s leading inspection verification, and testing company has tested and verified the use of CopperMask as safe. This has been given a green signal. E.Coli bacteria has been utilized to bring about this conclusion. In the following print, we can observe how E. Coli bacteria has been eliminated with the use of the mask.

The CopperMask underwent a “Common bacteriological examination”, conducted by the FITI Testing and a research institute in Korea. And guess what? To the thrill, the CopperMask film can eradicate 99.99% of E.Coli bacteria. Isn’t that great? Well, then it’s time for you to switch to this!

World's leading research facilities test CopperMask’s effectiveness | Philstar.com

So when concluding the uses of it, let’s just say it;

  • Is easy to breath.
  • Prevention from saliva droplets.
  • Harmless.
  • Easy to rewash and wear for up to a month.


Stop, stop. You might exclude this because you know how to wash masks right? But no, there’s a different method to wash this! Let’s dig in deep!
  1. Wash the mask and filter it with detergents. 
  2. Rinse both the films with water.
  3. Dry CopperMask.
  4. Filter it with a bowler.

Remember, do not wash both the films at once. The individuality of this mask is by removing the subsequent parts and rinse and dry! 


When there’s a better and simpler option, why not choose it? The CopperMask provides you the most simplest and creative way to hold up a mask. With around 10 non-woven fibers, it gives you the utmost protection, by not only protecting you from viruses but also protects you from various bacterias and also from your own saliva when it’s ill for health at times.

This mask, designed appropriately according to the needs, has not only several positive attributes but is also trustworthy. Being approved by SGS and several bodies, it has been rocking! Safety is no tragedy! and don't worry, this mask ensures the best safety!

Masks on, sanitize, and maintain your personal bubble! Stay safe, take care! 

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