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Join JC Premier as an Online Business Franchisee: Gain Financial Freedom

Shout out to the world we are a team working for a goal and helping the community.

Team: Eralista, Extreme Pillars, and KPamillions
  • Free meeting and Orientation
  • Partners and Team leaders to guide and will help you 24hrs a day. 
  • Anniversaries and gatherings are always held in a high-end venue.
  • Products: Food, Health, Beauty and Wellness, Toktok Mall, Toktok Delivery including as Operator for Toktok, you can hire your riders and Drivers and the latest we have like taxi, Toktok on the Go. 
  • Systems are ready for franchisees; all you have to do is promote your shop links. 
  • Own a Food cart. 
  • Online and offline community franchises. `
  • Low Capital to start your business franchise online. iPhone is more expensive than having one franchise.
  • Toktok Wallet ( transfer money, pay, and receive) 
When I joined JC Online Business Franchise, I did not expect it to change my life this way! At first, I thought that when you reach the age of over 65, that's it. You can't do much anymore with your life – a lot of limitations and restrictions – just doing your everyday routine of praying and small errands.

I have always been adventurous. It's a good thing I joined JC Online Franchise Business. It brought me to where I am today. I have become more patient with myself, and I learned to have a positive outlook on my life where I love myself while running my online business. The team and Group leaders guide me in managing my business and instilling essential lessons for my daily life. 

My favorite thing about online franchising is that I have no stress as I can do it all at my own pace. A lifetime business that is fitting for any age! You deserve it to change your lifestyle. Gain your financial freedom, earn anywhere and anytime. 

This business is also suitable for our overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). Imagine being a franchisee of a prestigious company and having 100 percent ROI after retiring. There are many ways to earn through this business. You can hire a reseller or someone who will handle your business while you are abroad. Although you are not in your own country, you can monitor your income and commission on your JC Portal. You could encash it directly or deposit it to your account or Toktok wallet. 

JC Premiere Business International is a certified direct-selling company that offers health, beauty, wellness, and personal care products found in the Philippines. The company's headquarters is located at the heart of Ortigas Center, one of the prestigious major commercial and business centers in the Philippines.

President and CEO Jonathan So and Vice-President Carlito Macadangdang are the founders who know the heart of Filipinos. With the help of these two generous JC men, many people’s dreams came true.
From new cars and houses, upgraded lifestyle, exciting travels, and even their health and safety have been secured by this company!
JC is all about this, and this company will go ALL OUT in CHANGING MANY LIVES FOR THE BETTER.


Engaged couple Anne Bacho and Ferdinand Crisostomo, founder of a Worldwide Eralista Team building and helping those JC Premier Busines Online franchisees. 

Erarev "Anne" Bacho:

A Significant Woman. An Exemplary Leader. A Visionary. She is a record-breaker and Icon in her industry. Her passion for Building People led her to start the Eralista Worldwide Group. As a Founder, she ensured that her Group would still thrive amid the Pandemic. She developed many programs to support her group in adapting online. Those under her wing can attest to her exemplary leadership.

Ferdinand “Rye” Crisostomo:

His mission is to be a nation builder, pursue and do whatever it takes to be the SOURCE of STRENGTH, HOPE, and LIGHT for other people. He says, “You will focus on BUILDING the right People, teaching them the Right Character, build a Huge Community with a Culture of Positive Influence so that eventually, you can duplicate yourself and PRODUCE more Nation Builders because of you.”

Please send me msgs if you have any inquiries regarding JC's online franchise business. I love emails! yeenzeit08@gmail.com

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