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Sometimes it is just nerve-racking when you are the last man (or woman) standing and everything boils down to that one last spot. It would seem the entire weight of the world is weighing down on your shoulders. But however hard the situation may be there is always that possibility of success.  One must hold steadfast and trust that all the patience and hard work will pay-off when it counts most.

The life of a beauty queen is enormous and rigorous. It carries social responsibility without bounds. Neither race, color, beliefs or distance should not pose as a hindrance in spreading positivity, love and care to. But it is also very rewarding as you become an ambassador of goodwill. You get to travel to different parts of the globe and touch lives in a way none other can.

The 2017 Miss Intercontinental Pageant is a fitting finale for the year-round beauty competitions. It is the last crowning jewel, and a minimum of 60 countries are vying for that coveted prize. Philippines’ very own Katarina Rodriguez is this year’s hope of bringing the elusive crown to the country for the very first time.

Katarina Sonja Rodriguez, nicknamed “Katja,” has kept herself behind the scenes her entire life from the beauty pageant industry. And because of her good looks and impeccable stature, many tried to persuade her for years to become an international representative, though she stayed in the sidelines until of late. What made her join international competitions? The answer is simple: to create a platform for her advocacy, and spread genuine care for the people.

This 24-year old hails from the Crown Jewel of Mindanao and Fruit Basket of the Philippines, Davao City. Katarina finished a double-major of Business Administration and Philosophy from De La Salle University. She is a model, a long-distance runner, a cycling instructor, and a former VJ (Video Jockey) of MTV Philippines. Katja became a household name when she placed runner-up during the recently concluded edition of Asia’s Next Top Model. She enjoys sketching (drawing), reading a good book, and keeps fit doing yoga and joining athletic activities.

She considers herself as a person with a laid-back, striking a balance of looking boyish-sexy while keeping it chic and classy. All in all, she is the perfect choice to represent the modern Filipina; a born winner who persists amidst adversity, but has the golden heart which can create that positive change in this world.

The 2017 Miss Intercontinental Pageant will be held at the Sunrise Grand Select Crystal Bay in Hurghada, Egypt slated on January 10 – 26, 2018. Support the Philippine representative to the 2017 Miss Intercontinental Pageant, Ms. Katarina Sonja Rodriguez! Topping the online voting of the event would assure her of a semi-final appearance at the very least. But for sure, as far as the country is concerned, Katja is already the grand champion amongst the Filipino hearts.

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