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What Makes Taal Volcano More Unique In The Philippines?

Did you know that Taal volcano is a volcano within a volcano?

Folk stories has it that the whole Taal Lake surrounding the Taal Volcano island, is the crater of the original volcano itself and this was once a super volcano and one of the largest volcanoes in the world  judging by the size of Taal Lake. That it was originally a huge volcano, which towered 18,000 feet up into the sky. 

The fact is that Taal volcano is one of the smallest active volcanos in the world. It is about 70-km south of Manila on "volcano island" inside a lake called Taal Lake, or Lake Taal.  The volcano itself has a lake of its own inside its crater which is called the “Crater Lake.”

The volcano is famous for having an island in a lake on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Inside a lake, it was formed through one major eruption at the center of a lake, and since the lake itself is the crater of a prehistoric volcano, and within the lake, other eruptions have occurred producing more craters and micro-lakes.

Right in the center of the island is the main crater that holds a sulfuric lake may have medicinal properties. People do swim in it; some have even SCUBA diven in it. The Crater Lake can be accessed by going around the crater to the west side of the island. 

 Philippines: Love at First Sight  ( Part 3 )

After all one of the smallest volcano in the world, the Taal Volcano in a crater lake on an island in the South China Sea and is barely a hundred meters high.  Not a lovely sight!  As described by Adelbert von Chamisso   "the view of Taal volcano, which is a sad naked circus in the lagoon".

Die Philippinen:  Das war Liebe auf den ersten Blick ( Part 3 )
Immerhin liegt einer der kleinsten Vulkane der Welt, der Taal-Vulkan, in einem Kratersee auf einer Insel im Suedchinesischen Meer und ist kaum hundert Meter hoch.  Kein lieblicherer Anblick! Doch wie beschrieb ihn Adelbert von Chamisso?  "Der Blick faellt auf den Vulkan des Taal, der in der Lagune einen traurigen nackten Zirkus bildet".

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