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TokTok: The Best New Delivery Service in the Philippines [A Comparison]


The current pandemic has caused a lot of businesses to make the shift to online interfaces. All this movement to the world of the net made a new demand for delivery services like Grab and Lalamove. Now, Cloud Panda PH has come up with a new delivery app made by Filipinos for Filipinos: Toktok!

This service offers to make deliveries to your doorstep easier without you having to go out of your house. They offer some of the cheapest delivery rates by far, which we’ll be going through later on. Along with that, their service spans from Luzon to Mindanao. Offering a safe and reliable delivery service, this is one courier you should look out for.

Humble Beginnings

Created by entrepreneurs Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang, this app has been making waves with over 200,000 users and 40,000 delivery drivers since December 2020. Nowadays, it has managed to garner 500,000+ downloads on the Google Play Store with plans on expanding its advertising campaign even more than it already has.

Rapidly growing throughout the start of 2021, the service is looking to pose itself as a direct competitor to industry giants such as Grab and Lalamove. With its Brand Ambassadors Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards and eye-catching billboards like the one posted at EDSA, they’re well on their way to being a household name in the logistics scene.

What does TokTok offer?

Along with providing quality courier service, it seeks to provide Filipinos with an extra source of income for these trying times. Drivers can expect to bring home ₱1500 or more, according to TokTok themselves.

Users can also be franchisees, being able to get 3 percent of all delivery fees using your personalized link. TokTok also offers fellow entrepreneurs the opportunity to be a franchise operator, being able to net themselves 7 percent of the delivery charge on orders served by your riders.

Want to know more about becoming a TokTok franchisee? Feel free to send an email to yeenzeit08@gmail.com asking how.

How does it stack up against other delivery apps?

This is all good, but how does TokTok compare to other delivery apps such as Lalamove, Mr. Speedy, or Grab?


Delivery Fees

Well for starters, TokTok offers cheaper delivery fees when compared to the other courier apps. They charge ₱60 for the first kilometer of the delivery and ₱5 for every succeeding kilometer. This is a far cry from the delivery charges of services such as grab, which is known for having some of the highest prices in the delivery scene. Users can see savings of up to ₱60 a trip for a distance of 6 kilometers when compared with Grab.

Range of Services and Delivery Options

Another thing to compare is the range of services that TokTok offers its customers. They mostly deal with small packages and food deliveries, especially considering they used to primarily cater to Siomai King and its other sister companies. Drivers make their deliveries usually on motorcycles, but TokTok has recently allowed for Tricycle drivers to join their service as they expand services outside of the NCR.

They don’t seem to offer delivery services for heavier packages but it is something that we hope is added in the future. This can be compared to GrabCar’s delivery services or the wide selection of delivery vehicles offered by Lalamove or Mr. Speedy. TokTok users can expect changes to this though as there are plans for it to introduce TokTok Car, a service that will expand the range of vehicles available.

Their service offers multi-stop deliveries and even a “Pabili” service that has drivers make purchases for you to deliver to your door. This is similar to what Grab and Lalamove offer, but for a considerably lower price. Not to mention that some services like Lalamove limit their services to areas within Metro Manila and its outskirts like Bulacan, Cavite, and other places nearby.

You can put in orders via their mobile app or on their website. With TokTok, you can have your delivery scheduled ASAP or at a scheduled time. After that, you may also mark your order as an express delivery for a fee of ₱40. This makes it so that your order is placed higher on the priority list for drivers to see easier. It also makes it so that the courier who accepted your express delivery cannot accept other orders until yours has been fulfilled.

Here is a link if you need an item delivered fast and safely to its destination using TokTok’s services. Book your TokTok delivery now!

Payment Methods

You can pay for deliveries via Cash On Delivery (COD), with the max delivery fee allowed being up to ₱2000. TokTok is still looking into integrating other popular e-wallets and mobile payment systems, but for now, users are stuck with cash payments. Compare this to their competitors like Grab which has a wide range of payment methods like Credit/Debit Cards, Paymaya, Gcash, Online Banking, and their very own GrabPay.

Pabili Partners

Something special that TokTok offers are their partnerships with various malls for their Pabili service. They have partnered up with both Robinsons Malls and SM Malls for their delivery services. You can now have your shopping done without leaving your home with TokTok delivering your goods to your front door.

Grab offers something similar with delivery from various participating SM Malls and Supermarkets for your grocery needs. This puts TokTok in a rather good position as one of the only other services to allow their customers to directly put in orders to malls and have them delivered.

Need to use their Pabili Service from Robinson or SM? Book here now!


TokTok is slowly getting better over time as they put in more features and expand their services nationwide. TokTok Car or TokTok 4-Wheels is something that frequent users of the service should look forward to in the future (July 26, 2021) and is something that is sure to pull in new customers. Hopefully, we see our very own homegrown delivery service rise to the status of Grab or Lalamove, offering a delivery service that is both reliable and safe to use.

Got an item that needs to be delivered fast? Book your TokTok delivery now.

Need pabili service from Robinson or SM? Book here.

These are the other products and services you can avail: 

If you want to become an online-franchisee, comment below. 

 Got any thoughts to share? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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