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Supernatural Folklore “Tiktik”

The Philippine country’s folklore “Tiktik" is the Philippine version of the vampire and the werewolf. The Tiktik is a variation of an “Aswang” which is what Filipinos call our native supernatural beings. Stories of these Aswangs are told and retold from generation to generation.

Most of these stories I have dismissed as “just stories. As a child, I was fascinated by magic as well as supernatural stories told by grandma. The story that scared me the most was about the Tiktik or Aswang. My cousins loved trading these stories at night and scaring us silly in the process.

They say seeing is believing, but after having heard what I had heard these last few nights, I'm not certain that I want to get to that point of believing. The story which I am about to tell you is about the TikTik that has been hovering over the top of our roof these last months. 

I love staying in my 2nd-floor bedroom alone at night because nobody disturbs me there while I am studying, working, or chatting with my friends. I usually hear a “tik tik tik” sound a little after midnight. Sometimes I get angry because I would not be able to sleep or concentrate on what I am doing. One night, I shouted with a loud voice and said to the Tiktik sound, “get lost or shut up!”

Four days ago I had enough time, and I was in the mood to clean my room and to move the position of my bed far away from the window side. I attempted to record the “Tik Tik Tik”  sound and waited past midnight, but the sound was nowhere to be found that night.  

I went back to bed and got ready to sleep, when suddenly I heard a flapping sound on top of the roof. It became louder and closer, thumping just above the window.  I switched the lights on, looked out the window, and listened carefully to the banging of the sounds which became heavier. I didn’t know whether I would run downstairs or hide under my blanket.

I told my cousin about this Tiktik, and he told me,”It is an Aswang.”  He told me about this half human monster that takes the form of a large bird at night. The tiktik is drawn to the scent of fetuses in a women’s' womb so it prowls during the night. They become creatures that crave unborn fetuses and children, going after their heart, liver and entrails.

Supernatural belief or not, its up to you to believe or not. Share your stories and We love to publish it here - 

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