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Torn Across The Border (Part II)

Delighted, elevated and over the moon I was. Been promoted at work I was to be send to china for my new job. Things faired out well for me. 2014 turned out to be good year for me. I was at the peak of my professional career. Yet still there lingered a sense of hollowness. I still am single.

The last I talked with Hina ended up in a fight. She was too adamant to marry me. I tried all the tricks and none worked over these years. Then I told her if at all she ahasn’t contacted me yet. As for Sophia I hardly talked to her except on her birthdays. As far as being in a relation was going I was safe to say I was single ready to mingle.

The day arrived I was to go to china. I was happy for the change. There was almost no possibility of talking to Sophia she now was a thing of past. In the mean time I too changed remarkably. Being in plane was not a new experience to me. Traveling in plane made me go into a trance. Heights still bothered me so I was always quick to exchange my corner seat to a much willing passenger. This might be known to my travel agent and I was given the corner seat and I cherished it. As the plane took off I closed my eyes and went into my trance state. Sleep as others may refer to.

I didn’t know how much time transpired but when I woke up the captain was telling that our destination was near. After the regular procedure our plane had a smooth landing. Through the normal customs routine I finally put my foot on the Chinese soil. Along with my colleagues I was set to go to the hotel and latter resume to the work I had been send for.

Surprise, happiness and a deep urge to shout set in me. I saw a group protesting out side the airport. In that group by luck or by destiny a skinny girl was the leader and that very girl, their leader, was Sophia. For a moment I didn’t know what to do? In the end my senses prevailed I told my friends to proceed, and I stood there till the protests were over peacefully. Then I went up to her. With lots to say and yet blank. I called out her name and my voice was sub due by a plane touching down. It gave a fraction of moment to collect myself. And I went and said “Hi, Sophia”. What reaction I meet was beyond my reach to explain. She stood their looking at me and as if a latter thought she smiled back. Said “hi” and my arms went out and she fitted in them. I could not tell whether it was the love we had or just that she needed some rest. What ever it be she stood embracing me for while, and then we started to talk as if all these years we were never separate and as I had gone for a day or two only, and she came in to receive me at the airport.

We spend the whole afternoon and evening together. I went to her apartment changed my clothes. We talked and talked and talked and I didn’t know when it happened. As if tired of talking our lips rested on each others lips, and suddenly two individuals started to become one. The apartment lights were dim and I slowly yet intently started to undress her. First our kiss started with our lips and then it became an exploration. Slowly and slowly we became to dive in the depths of our ecstasy. Two individual now were together with each other in the most intimate of positions. It was the first time for me and for her, in our desperate urge to please each other we were slow then at pace and as all things starts has to end and this to cum to an end. There we lay in each others arms. Perhaps the most beautiful all experience an eye opener, all this time what I was seeking for was right besides me. And now I cant wait more, or I feared I will lose it for her forever. After this we both took bath together. We together made our dinner and I hoped that forever she should be mine. It was the most romantic of all dinners, and we made love again that night. In the morning before she could wake up i woke her up kissed her and told “Sophia dear MARRY ME”. The answer came as quickly the question was raised she said “I WILL”. We hugged each other and she made calls to her family and friends and I did the same. As soon as my work was over there we went to a church and got married. I took some time off my work for our honeymoon. I went to china as a person single ready to mingle and now I came back as a married person.

My joy knew no bound. I changed back my clothes I was in my apartment. Then I put back my old sim back on my mobile. I went to have a bath fresh up. I came back Sophia already had our breakfast done we were eating it. Then she asked me “Do you remember what is important tomorrow”. It was a question I was not prepared for. I looked at the calendar and saw today was 14 August and then suddenly my phone started to ring. I took it and saw Hina Rasheed calling……………
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