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New Smart Watch from Apple: Biggest Breakthrough

Apple offers a breed of smartphones unlike any other. Now, the cutting-edge company is taking the world by storm once more: Introducing, the new Smart watch.

This breathes new life into the way we lead our lives. Through creative innovation, it continues to revolutionize user experience. It’s everything you’ve been looking for and more. Apple’s much-awaited watch hits stores early this year, April.

There’ll be a watch for everybody, depending on who you are and what you want. It’s made of 42 mm stainless steel and sapphire crystals. There is also an Apple Watch Sport, for those living the upbeat lifestyle, this is made of 42 mm anodized aluminum cases, both in silver or space grey with different colored bands. Lastly, there is also the Apply Watch Edition, which is made by the 38 mm elegant 18-karat gold case. From this you could clearly see how personalized the creation of the watches. The different features of the watches will provide you with everything at your fingertips.

The strapping mechanism is also one of the best that was developed where a magnetic charging attachment is used. There are six different bands that are available for use. And 34 apple watch designs to choose from. Apart from the perfect aesthetics that will surely capture you, it has a practical capacity to even at one point keep you in the loop through the “Taptic” feedback which puts pressure on your wrist every time a notification comes through. It also has the Glances. This is the innovation which allows you to see and browse different updates from news, travel plans or even new and upcoming fashion through the swipe of the watch face. More than this provides you accurately with the time that you need and even adjust for your local time especially for those who are travelling. This also helps you stay healthy and fit with the health and fitness application. It records your progress and aids you in different activities that could help make a leaner and fitter you.

Moreover, it has the usual apple application that will make your life easy as one, two and three. It has Siri, the most amazing remote camera through the iSight and this allows you to see different photos and even set the camera timer. Lastly the passbook which you could store all pertinent data you need while travelling. To complete the watch package is the Apple Pay which secures payment that you are making from groceries to other purchases.

This is the biggest breakthrough that happened ever for Apple. The NEW SMART WATCH is everything that the consumers have been waiting for and with the starting price of $350 I’m sure the lines will be longer than it was before.

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