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My ecstatic adventure in Mag-aso Falls

Kabankalan City is a first-class city in southern Negros Occidental. From Bacolod, you can 
either take a private car or a bus to reach the city. We decided to take the bus and it took us 
2 hours to get there.

Mag-aso falls is located at Brgy. Oringao and it is 20 minutes away from the city proper. 
It has a motorcycle terminal at the entrance of Brgy Oringao that would take you to the resort, 
just be ready for a bumpy ride.

The artsy backdrop made by stones welcome us in the entrance, as we arrived at the resort. 

The natural beauty of Mag-aso falls is a perfect place for inspiration and serenity indeed. I was amazed to see the raging colorful water streams and greenish surroundings, though both of my legs were shaking after a long flight of stairs leading to the bottom of the mountain. After a few steps from the end of the stairs, we can feel the cold breeze of air with mist and all we did stare the waterfalls a lot. It is very refreshing and wonderful!

We are both excited to feel the ice-cold water of Mag-aso falls though it is a bit risky to jump. Nevertheless, everything is a worthwhile experience and fulfilled my great desire for nature.

 Photos by: Shaz Gemina

  • Entrance 50
  • Nipa Hut Rental 200
  • Room 1000
  • Shower 2  

Mag-Aso Leisure Camp
Sitio Dug-anon, Barangay Oringao, Kabankalan City, 6111 Negros Occidental
+63 34 471 2291 / +63 928 594 6275

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