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Potipot Gateway Resort "A paradise within an island"

Philippines—summer of 2016, the heat called for a short getaway from Metro Manila. I was 
planning to drop by Bataan, so we headed north of Luzon to Zambales for a few days’ vacation.

We searched for a family-friendly place that will fit our needs, someplace with a pool, playground and beach nearby. We found the ideal resort called “Potipot Gateway Resort”.  I spoke to the friendly receptionists’ Francis and Lina and made our reservation. They were able to grant our wishes and gave us a nice room overlooking the beach, easy to access and not too far from the pool, restaurant and the beach.

Our destination is North of Luzon from Pasay to Candelaria, Zambales  267 km by bus.  One ticket costs 447 pesos plus insurance of Ph 5.00, seniors and students are 20% discounted upon showing their IDs.

We headed early morning to the Pasay bus terminal of Victory Liner for the first trip going to Sta Cruz, Iba , Zambales.  Our bus travelled almost 7 hours to reach Candelaria, with two major 20 minutes over stopped:  Pampanga and Olongapo.  A snapshot below is where we are at certain times:

We got off at Brgy Sinabacan, Candelaria after seeing a sign board name “Savors Restaurant”  on the right side of the bus and  across the road is the direction going to Potipot Gateway Resort. If you arebackpacking you could walk or take a tricycle that would cost you 100 Pesos.

When you reach the end of the road, the resort is right there! The parking is inside this white gate and on the right side is the bridge going to the resort.

View overlooking from the bridge left and right side.

POTIPOT GATEWAY RESORT - is not the typical high end hotel or resort but it is made up of different native two-story houses, two different adjacent rooms designed with modern facilities.

A Stone House Villa where we checked-in is good for two persons, with aircon and bath, included breakfast 3,500 pesos/night. Each room can accommodate up to 5 persons with additional 800 pesos per person with breakfast.

Families with kids will not be bored staying in this resort. The resort offers different facilities and amenities that are family friendly to keep everyone busy, make new friends, and parents can be able to relax along the pool, beach and the “duyans” that are scattered all over the resort. There is a special place for everyone to find their peace and enjoy the peaceful natural aura that the resort is capable of providing.

Resort Facilities and Amenities:
Swimming Pool,Kayak,Paddle Board,Cabanas,Darts,Table Tennis,Basketball,Volleybal
Tree House, Football,Board games, Children Playground,Trampoline,Mahjong,Bird Watching/
Feeding,Fishing and Billiard.

Their restaurant is able to provide a great variety of food that can accommodate large groups of people. The amount of food we ordered, from the breakfast tapsilog to the boodle fight to the sisig, it is safe to say that the food was satisfyingly good.

Overall we enjoyed our stay in Potipot Gateway Resort, the tranquility of the nature of the place, the smell of the sea breeze, the clear crystal waters of the beach and family bonding experience.  It is a place that can be called a home away from home.  Our next destination is Potipot Island across our resort.

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