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The Salty Sweet Water of Carbin Reef is running through our veins

The water is so clear which makes it ideal for snorkeling. We just love the calmness of the sea and the beautiful view of the island. This powdery cream sandbar resembles a human tongue, which has caught our attention.

Carbin Reef is a beach that has very glaring and blue water and white sand with touch of beige mixed with little coral rubbles, 15km northeast of Old Sagay and is bounded on the North by Asuncion Pass and the Visayan Sea. It is centered on the 32,000-hectare. This tongue-shaped white sand island situated in the center of the largest marine reserve in the country has definitely garnered tourists and it has caught the attention of all beach bummers out there.

The travel time is around 30 minutes but you can already witness a long stretch of white sand bar because Carbin Reef is visible even from far. From Sagay City Proper, ride a tricycle going to Old Sagay and the fare is around Php 10 per person. From Old Sagay port, try to negotiate with the Bantay-Dagat office for pump boat service going to the Island.

The pump boat roughly cost Php 1,000 to Php 2,000 for back and forth trip depending upon the number of passengers and how big the pump boat will be.

How to get there:
  • From Manila: take any Bacolod-bound flight of PAL, Cebu Pacific or Air Asia.
  • From Bacolod/Silay: Take an Escalante City-bound Ceres Bus; drop off in Sagay City.Distance from Bacolod is 89 kilometers.
  • From Sagay City: take a tricycle going to Old Sagay. Distance is about 7 kilometers.
  • From Old Sagay: take a motorized banca  going to Carbin Reef. Travel time is 30 minutes.
What to do:
  • Swimming
  • Boating
  • Snorkeling (best of all)
What to bring:
  • Food and Drinks - this is always a must! There are no restaurants or stores when you’re already at the reef.
  • Sunblock lotion - don’t forget to bring your favorite sunblock or tanning lotion, make sure to lather generously on your skin to avoid skin damage. The heat is intense there!
  • Tent – there are not much cottages on the reef because it’s just a small island.
  • Snorkeling and Diving Gears – there are no available rentals at the site.
  • Beachwear – Wear your most comfortable and fabulous swimsuit and extra dry clothes.

+63 34 488 0649 / +63 908 811 6815
In case of emergency: +63 999 318 2837 (Bantay Dagat Head) / +63 91959 3489 (Rescue)

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