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Leni Robredo: The Mother of Filipino People

Several years ago, the existence of gender discrimination in the Philippines was visibly practiced. The culture of giving the trust only to men as the posts and symbol of authority knocked down women’s confidence and heart and that hindered them to grow as potential individuals. However, one of the honorable personalities in this nation, Leni Robredo cuts the painful bites of such prejudices as she raises the banner and dignity of women and makes it known to the world that they are strong, independent, and capable beings in this world. 

Leni Robredo, a 52 year old lady, won an anticipated position during the election last May 9, 2016 and became the 14th Vice President of the Philippines. Surprisingly, she is the second female to gain the said title which proves that all, both man and woman have the right and privilege to lead. Prior to her recent position, she was once serving Camarenis Sur as the Third District Representative and ended her term with clean record paired with productive programs and projects. She is also a socialist who was the mother of Lakas ng mga Kababaihan of Naga Federation which focuses on women’s empowerment particularly on providing them equal access to government opportunities like livelihood trainings. 

She was the wife of Jesse Manalastas Robredo, QSC, PLH, a Filipino statesman who served as Secretary of the Interior and Local Government in the administration of President Benigno Aquino III, and who tragically perished in an airplane crash.

Behind every challenge she has, she continues to serve the public despite and inspite of.  With good intentions, she pledges to embrace and work her obligations as the Vice President of the archipelago. As a matter of fact, President Rodrigo Duterte confidently offered her to be the chairwoman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council and she is honoured to accept it. This paves the way of showing her strengths and passion of being a compassionate social worker to the Filipinos. 

People salute her because of her calm spirit and hard-working character that radiates all throughout the nation. With her years of leading the people to a better future and country, she is truly an inspiration to the citizens. With the Filipino people beside her, trusting and supporting, without a doubt, she can do more than what she is capable of.

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