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JC Premiere Business International – Thinkers of the Era


Coronavirus has brought an end to the jobs of many people, which eventually has only increased the problems. Stress, anxiety, depression and other various negative factors have become common variables in the lives of many people. On top of that, lock down has forced many people to stop searching for jobs. But since all things are at least going back to normal, new jobs and opportunities are emerging. If you’re one of the people who has some good savings at hand and can invest in an online franchise then you should probably try investing in JC Premiere.

JC Premiere Business International, Founded by Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang, is one of the leading and fast-moving companies out there. They are purveyors of health and wellness products, catering services among various regions. They mainly serve places which include Dubai,Taiwan and Philippines and they have business centers in Hong Kong, Oman, Malaysia and Singapore. 

They provide complete health-based products and intend to promote a healthy balanced life. JC Premiere uses the latest food tech to develop their products which gives them an organic and healthy touch. Headquartered in Pasig City, Philippines, the company was primarily established to afford the Filipino lifestyle dependable food products and supplements to augment the Filipino people’s nutritional and dietary needs. 
Why Choose them?

More than a decade, people have switched to unhealthy and junk food which has produced a big unbalance in everyone’s life. We all prefer burgers over tomato soup, cheese over green vegetables and other such poor choices have resulted in the decline of our health.  JC primer provides healthy food, organic products and other daily use things made with care. This all might seem simple, but it's worth giving a try, this small investment has already changed a lot of lives, a lot of people have started buying their products and many more are becoming regular customers, and guess what it takes just 5 minutes to shop for any product! Grab your phone and order any of their bestselling, high-quality products in this link:
Products Offered by JC Premiere
Before you know about products, you should know why organic?
Well, since corona has arrived, people are becoming more vigilant when it comes to their health. One remedy is to purchase products that are organic and natural. There are multiple products that can help boost our immunity, and it all comes at a rather good price! If you are thinking of growing and consuming more vegetables, that may not be enough. That is why there are products developed to be a perfect complement to your diet, such as the vitamin Calvit-C at Health and Wellness, JC Shop Philippines.

Here at JC Premiere a lot of products are provided but the main niche followed is organic products. It ranges from a conditioner to a pack of organic juice. There are a lot of things which may be beneficial to you in many ways such as drinking "Good Leaf Ashitaba Instant Coffee Mocha" on a normal basis or as a special treat for your beloved guests. You can get a pretty good amount of stuff at JC Shop PHilippines just make sure to select the region properly.

Affiliation with TokTok
TokTok is mainly a delivery service which is the first delivery Filipino-owned service. They support some major brands which also includes JC Premiere and others such as NINJA ION or POTATOKING. Being in relation with such a franchise, they take care of their products and services seriously.
TokTok delivery app is a nation-wide known food delivery service mainly intended to provide quality food in less time at your doorstep. All precautions are taken care of while delivering the food and all means of hygiene is also maintained.

So, if you’d like to get involved in this franchise and become a Toktok operator, then hurry up 

and watch this!

For those students, workers or others who want a side income and are good at driving a motorcycle, 

you can join Toktok as a rider and click below and fill up the application form.


Some of the benefits provided to joining the online franchise of JC Premiere:

- Earn 3% on your Referral Code/Link (easily manageable)

- Earn 7% on all of your Rider's Transactions (Online Management)

- TOKTOK Operator Dashboard (Comes with App)

- TOKTOK Operators Technical Training

- Marketing Tools 


2. Authorized Dealer of:  https://shop.siomaiking.ph/PPS5405378 











3. 15%-30% profit based on SRP

4. Authorized Dealer of COPPER MASK & NINJA ION

5. You have your own WEBSITE/SHOPLINK.

6. You have your own Platform wherein you can Monitor your Sales

7. Sell Frozen Goods in your House/Store

8. FREE Php 1,000 to Php 5,000 worth of Health & Beauty products from JC Premiere


Other Products

Other than these services, they are also connected with many other products affiliations.

Check out the following products in the links, and have fun shopping any of their bestsellers!

1)  CopperMask PH:  https://coppermask.ph/cpshop/PPS5405378

2)  JC Shop Health and Wellness:  https://jcshop.ph/PPS5405378

3)   Personal air purifier and Copper UV Bottle: https://ninjaph.com/cpshop/PPS5405378

4)  Food:  https://shop.siomaiking.ph/PPS5405378

If you want to learn more about how to join as an online franchisee,Toktok Operator and Toktok Rider 

with these many benefits, email me at yeenzeit08@gmail.com

or contact Renzky Villarosa, Mobile Number: 09684193349.

If you have any questions feel free to comment them down below


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