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Home Business Online Franchise and Advocacy For Less Fortunate

It started when my good friend's daughter introduced me to an Online Franchising Business and assured me that this would be a good opportunity for me during the pandemic. I joined, and she booked me online for training and meetings and coached me on starting the business online. - Thank you, Ms. Erika Pangan, for introducing me to Jc Premier Business Online.

I learned much from the training, level 1 to level 3, and from other meetings on managing and maximizing the business while running the business.

 It is always my way if I received a small or big blessing; I like to share the benefit with others. My nephew, who has just opened a store selling rice (Rise Kingdom), is sent from heaven above, and I thought this is maybe a sign and the right time. I started preparing and thinking about what is necessary to do. I bought sacks of rice and donated it where I was born, my hometown, to those who are less fortunate and are hungry. Then one day, my nephew told me that one of the benefactors who received 2 kilos of rice was an old lady. Although she was sick, she came to avail of 2 kilos of rice. 

The reaction of the benefactor's smiling face, which receives the rice even though it is only 2 kilos of rice, was priceless, which makes us happy. It is a satisfying feeling to see that your efforts in choosing the advocacy helping the less fortunate haven't gone to waste.


Days passed by more sponsors, friends, relatives, friends of my daughters started donating sacks of rice for the less fortunate. 

 I want to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to Kath and Pol and Sponsors for helping me contributing rice to the less fortunate at Mambulac, Silay City, Negros Occidental.

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