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Graduation Letter To My Daughter

The first day I held you in my arms, I saw your beautiful lovely smile and peaceful face that made me fall madly in love with you. All I could think was "Thank God for our beautiful baby girl!"  You are my daughter and over the years, I learned that you have developed an amazing moral compass and I am truly in awe at how smart, sweet, kind, caring and optimistic you are. You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me and your father, and I am really glad that you are here.

You know how to treat people with kindness. You know the value of a firm handshake and remembering people’s names. You know how to have boundaries and still have fun with your friends. You know how to stay grounded. You know that staying angry or hurt doesn’t make you feel better. You forgive and you move on. I learned that you are wiser than me in many different ways.

The time has finally come. You have completed your course in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs and the rest of your life now awaits you!

When you were born into this world, your college graduation seemed million moons away. Today, I remembered what it was like to hold your hand when you took your first steps, read bedtime stories and played dress up but all that seems an eternity away now. Soon enough, your bedtime stories were replaced with homework, princess dress up turned into laid back fashion sense, make up and finally making the steps towards getting your license!

Today is another milestone that says “Okay, world. I think I’m ready to spread my wings now. Let’s see where we go from here!” I look at you now and see a grown, beautiful, confident, young woman ready to begin her adventures in the world but at the same time, I see my little girl: a reflection of all my accomplishments and hardships as a parent. You embody our dreams as parents and you made it all come true right before our eyes.

Up to now, you never lost the bright, adventurous, and inquisitive look in your eyes that we saw in you ever since you were a little girl. As a mom, I have this feeling of good bye because now, you are to start taking your own path in life, even if I know we still have long road ahead of us filled with new adventures, blessings, lessons – an entirely new chapter.  

Thank you for letting us watch you grow into the individual you are today. There were so many times I watched you struggle and many times I wanted to swoop right in and rescue you, but I chose not to so you could learn on your own. I watched you hurt while I silently hurt with you. Looking back, I don’t regret the moments I left you on your own to figure life out because those were the moments that taught and molded you the most.

Good kids still exist and I’m thankful that you are one of those kids. Thank you for staying on course and thank you for teaching me more about myself and about you.

We Love you.

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