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Sofitel’s Spiral Buffet: One Of The Best Buffets In Metro Manila

Since my youngest daughter graduated, I now have more time to pick things off my bucket list, including visiting one of the best buffets in metro manila, the “Spiral buffet” at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel. I received a 40% discount from my Metro credit card, and it was an opportunity for me to experience one of the best and most expensive buffets in town. 

The 40% credit card discount is only applicable for buffet lunch. Book early as it's usually fully booked. The buffet costs P2,750.00 per head and 1,474.00 for kids.

When we arrived at the entrance of the hotel, I was impressed by the welcoming smiles and helpfulness of the friendly, attentive hotel personnel. The buffet is on the ground floor; you can use either the elevator or escalator. It is easily accessible for all ages, PWD, and seniors. They even have a wheelchair to use for free.

My first impression of seeing the buffet room: It was awesome! They probably got the name for the buffet because of the breathtaking spiral staircase in the center of the hall. In every corner, they have different delicacies. European, Filipino, Chinese, and French delicacy, as well as dessert, are all free, except for drinks which are non-inclusive.

The first one I checked is their Cheese room. They’re the only buffet with a glass room filled with cheese and cold cuts. My husband enjoyed ravenously devouring cheese with bread and butter while drinking red wine.

With the numerous options, I spent over 20 minutes going around meticulously filling my plate with my favorite food choices.

Pro tip: Pay early as billing and waiting for the check can take a while. However, if you like, you can use the waiting period to explore Sofitel and lounge in the poolside area.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza ManilaAddressSofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel CCP Complex 1300, Roxas Blvd, Pasay, Metro Manila. 
Phone:  (02) 832 6988
Buffet hours: Lunch 12:00 noon till 3:00 PM
                      Dinner: 6:30 - 1030 PM

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