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Introducing A New Air freshener Line and T-shirt Designs

In 2020, Coronavirus has changed the world as we know it. Being confined at home, it has been extremely difficult to interact and share moments with our friends, loved ones, and families. 

Spending most of the time in isolation at home, or perhaps, if you’re like me, with family, Covid has surely changed our lives. So, why don’t we take a moment to find compassion with ourselves and these difficult circumstances we are being asked to navigate. The situation may seem hard and hopeless but we can hold on to hope and to a future where we might be able to reconnect physically soon. 

As we are all struggling in one way or another, I decided to exercise my creative juices and stay busy to inspire and motivate my family to thrive and continue to pursue things despite the pandemic.

So, I’ve started a couple of projects encouraging my children and grandson to join me in these new adventures. So, what am I talking about? I’m enjoying creating a line of scents/air fresheners named “Nara” with my daughters. Also, to encourage expression and creativity in my grandson, we’re designing t-shirts! 

We all have our coping mechanisms, and I hope that you are able to cope and keep your head up during these times. 

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